Ebony and Ivory, live together in perfect harmony… side by side on my ergonomic keyboard, oh why can’t we?

I don’t have an ergonomic keyboard as I don’t really understand them, but the conflict between PC gamers and Games for Windows is a fact that’s very real.  What can I do to solve this? The campaign starts here:

Step One: Start to Build Bridges with High Profile PC Gaming Community Leaders

Will Porter – Former Editor of PC Zone

Rob says: hello Will

Rob says: Are you doing well?

Will says: alright

Will says: Have had a nice day – my mum came up and brought some cakes

Will says: hooray for cakes!

Rob says: i was just talking cake with someone too

Rob says: cake all round

Rob says: I was wondering, being PC minded and all if you might help me

Rob says: I am starting to piece together a blog as shameless self promotion

Rob says: and wanted to gather people’s thought on Games for Windows in the form of a Haiku

Will says: You want a haiku from me?

Rob says: well, it need not be a haiku… a poem of some sort might be nice

Will says: Something to do today! At last!

Rob says: i’m not paying

Will says:    😦

Rob says: but you can retain the rights

Will says: Excellent

Rob says: i felt that asking people’s opinion of GfW was asking for trouble and if it was in poetry form it might help calm them down

Rob says: i could be wrong of course

Rob says: please do take your time… you may email me whenever you finish

Rob says: and thank you very much

Will says:

The wind gusts through trees
Avoiding Games for Windows LIVE
Because it is shit

Rob says: oh well that’s perfect

Will says: I thought so

Rob says: I might just post this conversation… I kind of like the way it went. It turned your lovely haiku into a sort of Shakesperean “play within a play”

Rob says: Would you like to retain the rights to this conversation too?

Conversation and Poem Copyrighted Will Porter February 2009

We may have a very long way to go. How can Games for Windows make friends? This is going to take some thought. That thought will come in part two. Blogging is all about cliffhangers right?