Starting a new blog is like sitting in front of a new sheet of paper, and I hate using pens these days. Every time I start to reach the end of a sentence my arm starts aching. I am slowly devolving but I can still stab at buttons with my finger tips, sometimes several at a time. This is my third attempt at a blog. The first came when Blogger was still charged for and resulted in nothing more than a free hoodie, courtesy of Google, when they sold up and moved to the big city. The second was a half arsed attempt to enter the world of meta-PR whilst I toiled away at Take 2. It was stupid because it was totally unofficial yet I still couldn’t say or reveal anything controversial in case it cost me my job. So if I went on a press trip I couldn’t blog about it in case everyone who wasn’t there got stroppy. Waste of time, but I got lots of hits from Denmark and I have no idea why.

So this time, what’s what? I wrote a few articles for a Swedish gaming site a couple of years ago which I always considered quite poor but they got really good responses. If I can find them at the end of typing this I’ll post them here, here and here . So I’d say things like that would be interesting if I can think of good ideas. That’s hard, couldn’t do this professionally I assure you. The majority of posts will probably be text versions of the stuff I bore my girlfriend with whilst we’re watching TV, but with an obvious tilt towards games related stuff. And I can’t go into everything I jabber about or I’ll simply be another Internet bitch and the world already has to deal with huge numbers of them.

I’m not aiming to do anything amazing here, or revolutionary, or get thousands of readers because, right now, I doubt I have anything useful to say. I won’t get myself into that dead end situation where I promise the earth and deliver Aylesbury.

Update: I decided to bring my writing home… so please do check them out (Empty Worlds, Love at First Site, Losing at Madden 92)