What makes you fall for a game so quickly? I bought Super Mario Galaxy a couple of weeks ago and have I been able to put it down since? Yes, to be honest. I find him very annoying with his stupid voice and irritating friends. So this isn’t going to be a big ol’ Nintendo love in where I go all gushing about how great it is to be a bee. Fooled you though, eh? The game I’m actually referring to is one that totally snuck up on me and I think pretty much did the same to everyone. I didn’t care about it, thought it sounded silly and assumed, just by reading a short description of it long ago, that it was destined to be rubbish. Instead, its demo has made its way to my hard drive and will sit there until I get my hands on the full game. In thirty minutes it has charmed me, made me laugh out loud and, like some kind of magical snowman or bad elf turned good, saved Christmas for Sony single handed.

Well done there Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, good for you. Have yourself a ticker tape parade.

I envy the person that has had the job of managing PR for Uncharted. I suspect it may end up being the best game they ever worked on. Since moving away from games PR the one thing I’ve missed is that sometimes you can happily sit down at your desk and smile, knowing that the game you’re making plans for is truly great. And you know what else? I was never really in the position to have to worry about shares (thanks for nothing company X) or making bonus targets (thanks for nothing company Z – though I’ll let you back off the hook company X, sorry about that) so every now and again you can imagine that game as being your little secret and if nobody else knew about it well that’s their loss! To be honest though I think I’m drowning in hindsight as being in that situation is actually incredibly frustrating at the time. People sometimes ask me what the best game I’ve ever worked on is, usually if they are bored with talking to me. The last time someone did, they didn’t even let me answer before offering their guess that it was Bioshock. I said no straight away. Bioshock is a lovely game though anyone who has played it will agree that towards the ends it seems to burst out of its emperor’s new clothes a little. The game that I will remember working on forever is Trackmania, one of the first games I had anything to do with. I think it’s probably that game that has shaped my opinion about everything else and lets me understand what makes me fall for a game. It’s just chemistry, an instant attraction, the same as love. It’s like a girlfriend saying “you’re gorgeous… and I look rough today. Why would you want to be with me?”. What they don’t understand is that sometimes you will totally see through any perceptions of what should make something amazing and you’ll simply be bowled over by the fact that it just is. Mario Galaxy is the Angelina Jolie of games… it’s just ‘obvious’ but it’s not for me. Uncharted and Trackmania represent the amazing girl you meet when you just don’t expect it, who you just ‘get’ right away. Lucky you.

If I wasn’t aiming for a certain number of characters I could have simply said “buy Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, it’s great” but it’s been fun for me to ramble, though perhaps not for you. Also you’d presume I was getting paid by an increasingly desperate Sony to say it. Sadly I’m not. Even more sadly I’ve just compared my girlfriend to an arcade puzzle racer with no collision detection which is bound to get me in trouble. Games and romantic sentiment just don’t mix it seems.

This article originally appeared on Gameplayer.se