We usually all have to wince when videogames are brought up in the House of Commons due to the overriding opinion that most games are retellings of “Custer’s Revenge“. Today though, Gamepolitics has reported there’s a knight in shining armour defending the cause.

A vocal backer of the UK video game industry, Vaizey also took the opportunity to criticize the Labour Government for not providing what he views as a sufficient level of support to the British game biz:

[Moved:] That this House notes the importance of the video games sector to the UK economy; congratulates the winners and nominees at this year’s Bafta Video Games Awards; notes in particular the success of UK developed games, including Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet, Codemasters’  and Lionhead Studios’ Fable II, all of which won awards…

applauds this recognition of the continued success and significance of video games despite the complete lack of support from Government; regrets the fact that this lack of support from Government has seen the UK fall from being the third largest producer of video games in the world to the fifth largest; and urges the Government to devise a clear and supportive strategy for the UK video games sector as part of the Digital Britain review.

A lovely development certainly. Mr Vaizey can hold his head high. It’s a shame the kids of today will never hear about it. Yeah, he’ll still get called “Clean Shirt” when he’s on his way back from a busy day on the benches. Shame. Kids…