Tom Bramwell – Editor,

“Rob Donald is a thoroughly lovely human being and a competent PR who deals with inquiries swiftly, politely and with a commendable understanding of a journalist’s priorities and obligations. Plus he’s amazing in bed.”

Erik Reynolds – Global PR Director, Vivendi Games

“Rob is a dynamic public relations professional who’s attention to global communications flow and quality of message benefited the launch and critical acclaim of Vivendi Games products and the resurgence of Vivendi Games as a major third party publisher.”

John Merchant – Marketing Manager, Majesco Games

“The best type of people to work with are the ‘safe-hands’ type  – people you can work with that will never let you down and they just deliver again and again.  Rob is also the kind of guy you can listen to, debate with and come up with something even better.  He’s one of these rare breeds of communicator – he knows his stuff, has passion galore and does it all with a wicked sense of humour.”

Kat Osman – Account Director, Lunch PR

“Rob was a real asset to the Vivendi PR team. His friendly demeanour and efficient work ethic help make our job a lot smoother.”

Tony Favell – International Sales Manager, Take 2 Interactive Ltd.

“I worked with Rob at Take Two Interactive and would have no hesitation in recommending his work. He was an excellent asset to the International team and forged strong links with PR managers and journalists in all of the territories that he covered. He regularly traveled to all of the countries that he covered and built strong working relationships with his colleagues.”

Jens Hvass – PR & Product Manager, KE Media

“It was a pleasure working with Rob while he was at Take2! His dedication towards a positive and professional handling of the press was inspiring and effective. I’ll give Rob my best recommendations!”

Igor Boyko – Editor-in-Chief, Navigator Publishing (Russia)

“I’ve met Rob during my press trip to London and he was more than great with providing full support to the international press. Very professional presentation of product, nice interview planning and carrying, great communication skills and cool and swift solving of any problems. Definitely I would like to work with Rob again and again.”

Emil Kraftling – Editor, Hjemmet Mortensen

“I worked with Rob on several occasions as Editor of PC Gamer Sweden. Rob was easy to work with and ensured good PR relations with Take 2 as a publisher even though they did not have a Nordic office.”

Thomas Vigild – Games Editor, Politiken (Denmark)

“Dedicated, professional and efficient – Rob does it all, and with a smile. Two thumbs up! :)”