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I’m not very good at writing headlines that might attract readers, but that doesn’t really matter as there are far better things to read out there. A lot of people think that Kieron Gillen writes a lot of nonsense. Not true. He writes a tiny bit of nonsense. But he writes a great deal of stuff. One certainly outweighs the other. Mr Gillen wrote the comic that got stuck inside Chaos League. Considering that was the first game I ever did bits of marketing and PR work on that means I will like him forever though he’ll never know it.

(I go very quiet when he’s around as I don’t have anything as interesting to say.)

But I had to point out this short section of text from his review of The Path, published today on Eurogamer:

“The name “game” is always going to confuse people. You only really work out what something should be called after a name’s codified. Names for mediums are always kind of made up on the fly. “Novel” has a particularly tortured history as a word. Comics comes from the fact they were the funny pages in the paper – but soon became anything but. A century down the line, they realised they should call comics “sequential narrative”, which cuts to the core of what the medium is. It’ll never stick, because it’s so bloody ugly and there’s already a name everyone knows. C’est la vie. We’re stuck with novels, comics and games – and novels that aren’t novel, comics which aren’t comic and videogames which aren’t…”

He’s right. But then, perhaps Nintendo are finally starting to give us games which are games now… and we all know what sort of a fuss that’s kicked up don’t we.  The sad thing is, right at the end of Kieron’s review which so carefully explains why The Path isn’t a game, is a big fat 7/10 which stands there in tight Speedos, gleefully kicking sand in Gillen’s intellectual face.

“Say it! Say I’m a game… say it four eyes!”

A curse on website templates. The fact that a score had to be placed at the end turns the review into the self-indulgent mess it most certainly isn’t. That’s upsetting and confusing. I think that’s what Kieron must have meant when he stated:

“if you’re the sort of person who cares about the review score, it’s almost certainly not for you”

Neither the game, nor the review in this case. Somewhere behind that muscled 7/10 is the latest covergirl from Need for Speed. She’s beautiful, but she’s with 7. Most likely it’s the grains of sand clogging up your eyes but just maybe that’s a look of sorrow on her face. She wishes she understands you Kieron. She wants to be with you. But 7/10 just keeps on pulling her away. One day.


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