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I wandered about for two hours. After I had walked a few miles I stopped, turned around a few times and jumped twice in frustration… then over a fence. “You can never go back” people say, and now I saw it was true. Friends move on and people change. Those you once knew are… well… different. You can’t quite put your finger on it…

… actually no, that’s a lie. They’ve all turned into giant shoulder pad wearing, flying mount riding, level 70-fied idiots.

After a hiatus of about 7 months I have once again been drawn back into World of Warcraft. I have never been the most active of players, never raising a character over about level 25 but wandering around is nice. My problem was that I was never organized enough, or even bothered enough to get into a guild, a friendly group, or meet up with my friends regularly. This despite the fact that at the time I worked for Vivendi and so had WoW coming out of my ears. As the song goes… “When I was young, I never needed anyone. And making love was just for fun”. Well, those days truly are gone now. I have realised that even if you never interact with anyone else in WoW, you still need those people there, bustling around, questing alongside you, yet never speaking. Now there is nobody… they’ve all moved on. “Oh everyone’s in the high level realms now”, a friend of mine said. What good is that to me? My character feels like he’s walking through Hull after the UK’s shipping industry deteriorated. Now everything just seems… disjointed. The vendors are still vending, soldiers still soldiering but there is no life any more. I think I missed the party.

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