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What makes you fall for a game so quickly? I bought Super Mario Galaxy a couple of weeks ago and have I been able to put it down since? Yes, to be honest. I find him very annoying with his stupid voice and irritating friends. So this isn’t going to be a big ol’ Nintendo love in where I go all gushing about how great it is to be a bee. Fooled you though, eh? The game I’m actually referring to is one that totally snuck up on me and I think pretty much did the same to everyone. I didn’t care about it, thought it sounded silly and assumed, just by reading a short description of it long ago, that it was destined to be rubbish. Instead, its demo has made its way to my hard drive and will sit there until I get my hands on the full game. In thirty minutes it has charmed me, made me laugh out loud and, like some kind of magical snowman or bad elf turned good, saved Christmas for Sony single handed.

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